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Your first Enterprise is like your first James Bond. You can appreciate the others, but your heart belongs to one and one alone.

Ships of the Line Pt. 1: The Enterprises (Pt. 2)


Behind every successful cat there is a good cardboard box.

Photos by ©Maru the Cat


Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…


Aside from being a prolific writer, Ernest Hemingway was also quite the cat lover. Unlike your average house cat, Hemingway’s feline friend actually had 6 toes!

Photographer Henry Hargreaves traveled to Hemingway’s home-turned-museum in Key West, Florida to photograph the descendants, all of which are named after celebrities in Hemingway’s time.

Portraits of the Descendants of Hemingway’s 6-Toed Cats

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Bill Sienkiewicz 1994: X-Men: Ultra Collection card set illustrations

Sienkiewicz provided a set of illustrations for the Fleer’s 1994 Ultra line of X-Men cards, which were then reproduced full-size for the X-Men: Ultra Collection poster book limited-series.